Shelton View Elementary
Camp Fund Raiser

If you are interested in purchasing any Holiday Greenery this year, we would appreciate it if you would consider purchasing these items from the 5th grade class.

The cost of going to 5th grade camp for the 2016-17 school year is $150.

We are trying to raise money for scholarships for the 5th grade student outdoor environmental education camp. Thank you!

Checks need to be made out to: “Shelton View PTA .”
Orders must be turned in no later than TBD.
No late orders will be accepted!!

Past Items & Prices:
A. 20” Deluxe Wreath $21.00
B. Door Charm $15.00
C. Candy Cane $21.00
D. Candle Ring $11.00
E. Sugar Cone 3/Pack $10.00
F. 15’ Cedar Garland $20.00
G. Centerpiece Basket $18.00
H. Cross $21.00

Note: Ordered Items are tentatively scheduled to be
delivered on TBD.

An adult will need to pick up orders at Shelton View Elementary on the
date of delivery or other arrangements made as items may
not go home on district school buses.