Staff Wish Lists

We are so fortunate to have such an amazing staff here at Shelton View. 

If you would like to show appreciation toward a staff member or donate items to a classroom, here is a list of items that staff members would like to have.

Thank you in advance for anything you give!


Alison Thurman Erin Johnson  Kimberly McNiel  Scott Carlson
Anna Coghill Jan Templin  Kylie Zehrung  Steve Johnson
Bethel Santos  Shannon Hobbs  Laurie Walloch  Tom Symons
 Cassy Cook    Leigh Sato  Tory Nelson
 Chnita Hardy    Line Marilley  Mary Hill
Carrie Kaeter      
Cheryl Whaley Jenny Wright  Lynn Anderson  Stephanie Prichard
Christine Hatch Jessica Van Deusen  Marcie Morgan  Cori Hillard
Deb Stone Kathy Cissna  Mike Marzullo  Marian Higa
 Janie McDavid  Kim O'Neill  Pattie Burnell  Julie Schuller