Shelton View PTA is a purely volunteer organization.  Yep.  All volunteers!  

We’re always, ALWAYS, looking for volunteers. 

There are definitely predetermined ways that you can help out like chairing a committee or volunteering to help out at any of our events, but the PTA benefits from all kinds of volunteering.  We can find a place for you to help out whatever your skill set and whatever your time limits.  Any way that you could share some of your time with us would be much appreciated!

There are multiple avenues for you to find out where we need help.  You can start by becoming a member of our webpage and choosing to receive our emails.  We send out a monthly newsletter called "The Shark Bite" with information about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.  We also list needs on the home page of this PTA website as well as on Facebook.  Have a particular interest?  Email!