Volunteering FAQ

Many people have questions, especially if they haven't volunteered at our school before. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions. Please don't hesitate to ask if your questions aren't answered here!!

What types of positions are available as a volunteer?

There are many different kinds of positions available.

  • Board of Directors - You can help run the PTA by serving in an elected positions (for example, President or Treasurer). There is a training requirement to ensure volunteers are knowledgable about their roles and how PTA runs. Hours and duties for each position vary, so if you're interested, talk to a current board member!
  • Program Chair - Each program needs volunteers to help manage them and make them successful.  Hours required will depend on the position, but these do tend to be school year commitments (generally July - June). 
  • Event Chair - Lead an event, coordinating the timing, content, communication and volunteer recruiting to ensure a successful event, such as for the Family Fun Night or a Read-A-Thon. The hours required for these greatly depends on the type of event. 
  • General Volunteer - If you cannot commit to chairing a program or event, we still need your help!  The level of commitment is totally up to you - it can be as simple as setup and teardown for an event, or you can help with the organization of the event itself.  These are great ways to learn about programs and events if you aren't quite ready to take on a chair position! 
  • School volunteers - and of course, the school is always looking for volunteers - talk to your student's teacher, or the front office about helping out at school (on the playground, etc).
Do I need to take on a Chair position on my own?
  • Absolutely NOT! Any chair position can be shared! Find a friend and serve together as co-chairs OR let us know you would like to partner with someone but you want helping finding someone! You can have a TEAM of Chairs, if that will work best for you! Many hands make for lighter work.
Are there any procedures I need to follow before I can volunteer?
  • Yes, if you plan to volunteer in the classroom, you will need to complete and submit all required online Northshore School District Volunteer forms including Volunteer Application, Volunteer Disclosure, and Washington State Request for Criminal History Information form. You can read more on our Volunteering Background Check page.
Is volunteering a BIG time commitment?
  • It can be as little or as much time as you can manage. We can help you find something that will fit your time limitations!
Can I only volunteer once in a while without being pressured to volunteer for future events?
  • Absolutely! We do not pressure anyone into volunteering and that is a promise! You can volunteer as much or as little as you desire. We value your time! We are thankful for your 5 minutes or your 50 minutes. We may ask you to volunteer for another event, but it's perfectly okay to say “No”. If everyone does a little, it goes a long way.
Can I volunteer for more than one committee?
  • Absolutely! You can volunteer for as many committees as you are comfortable with.  
I am not comfortable having to interact with a lot of people. Are there still tasks that I can do?
  • Let us know what you are comfortable with - and we will work with you to ensure you find something that will work! There are several "behind the scenes" type roles that might be PERFECT.
What if I sign up and then something happens so I can’t do the job?
  • Just let a PTA board member know and we will ensure you get help. Let everyone know quickly. Don't leave it until the last minute.
Can I get help with an event, if I need it? 
  • We have many volunteers that can step in and add additional support. Please ask!!

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