Why should I join the PTA?

Are you part of the PTA? Join today!

The Shelton View Elementary PTA is made up of volunteers working for the benefit of our students, teachers, administration and community. We are a driving force that provides a wide variety of programs and activities that enhance fun and learning—and we cannot do it without you!

Examples of our work include sponsoring monthly family events, managing after school programs, running student clubs and stocking the staff room with extra snacks. Over the past few years, we have done things like securing a new piano, getting enough sound systems to augment teacher voices in two-thirds of our classrooms, and supplying funding to make these things happen.

Research shows that children perform better when parents are involved in both at home AND at school. The PTA helps create a positive and caring atmosphere at our school and we can do it through your volunteering, donations, and knowledge.

And this year, IT IS FREE TO JOIN. Just click on the link: https://sheltonviewpta.com/Packet/Join%20Parents

Or if you would like to donate so we can continue our hard work, click here: https://sheltonviewpta.com/Page/Pta/Donate

And we can always use more volunteers! Information here: https://sheltonviewpta.com/Page/Pta/Volunteering


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