Shelton View Elementary

Bus Information 2023-24

You can find information on your registered child's Bus Information through the Northshore School District website here:


Once your child is registered and you have your bus stop information, you can check live bus information through the Versatrans MyStop App:

Apple Store Link to Vst My Stop App

Google Play Store Link to Vst My Stop App

As an FYI, the app will only show information about active buses - from when they have started their route to the end of the route while they are driving. The rest of the time you will only see a message that says, "No active routes found".

As a reminder, students who live more than one mile from school are eligible for school bus transportation based on state law. Some students who live closer than the state-defined distances may still be eligible if the walk path to school is deemed hazardous by the district. 

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